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Our team is widely recognised for its great expertise and knowledge of sourcing, selecting and processing fish oils.

OLVEA Fish Oils is a subsidiary of the family-owned OLVEA Group founded in 1929 and located near the picturesque Harbour of Fécamp in Normandy.

The Group has been commercialising fish and cod liver oils since 1929. Over the past ten years, the company gradually stood out on the Omega 3 fish oils market by building a factory in Morocco, OLVEA Atlantic, which includes storage, refining, winterisation and deodorisation units.

OLVEA Fish Oils is proud to be a GOED (Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3) and IFFO (The International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organisation) member.

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  • Our Uniqueness

    OLVEA Fish Oils is the leading supplier of pelagic Omega-3 fish oils sourced from the Atlantic Ocean, with logistics and commercial hubs in Northern Europe, North Africa, and North America.

    Our presence in France, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Ivory Coast gives us a leading edge across the industry.

    Our uniqueness relies on the efficiency of our local operations, our networks and our partnerships. We have forged strong strategic alliances in order to meet our customers’ demands.

    Our vertical integration from sustainable sources to fully refined fish oils provides unique solutions for our customers.

  • Our commitments

    Reliability: Sourcing from abroad should not be an adventure: it is all about trust and reliability. We believe that developing close relationships with each and every one of our customers is crucial to understanding their needs.

    Quality: We are fully engaged in ensuring the health, safety and traceability of our oils by guaranteeing an efficient quality management system.

    Sustainability: We are committed to sourcing our fish oils from fishing areas where fish stocks have been monitored and assessed by both the FAO and local research institutes as not being at risk of collapse.

  • Our mission

    OLVEA Fish Oils has located its operations in Africa, specifically in those countries where fish are harvested and processed into Omega 3 fish oils.

    We are engaged in furthering sustainable development not only by respecting local resources, but also by adding real social and economic values to local communities.

    We are committed to investing in solutions to empower the local people.

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Our Sourcing: Your success

Our team of skilled professionals is committed to ensuring that you benefit from our vertically integrated operations. The sourcing, network and relationships we have built up over the years is the guarantee we offer to your business. The proximity of our local teams to the source has given us a leading edge through our exclusive partnerships with fish oil producers. We believe it is crucial to be at the heart of the operations in order to offer the best product to our customers.

Our Solutions

The strength of our solutions relies on the robustness of our processes combined with our vertical integration from sourcing, selecting, operating and logistics. The logistical hub and storage capacity that we have created between Africa and Normandy is a factor of our supply chain’s reliability.


For our worldwide customers, we offer many options in packing and logistics, always with the best quality/price ratio available:
Batches from 300 to 4,000 metric tons tanker vessels  |  25-metric ton tank-cars  |  22-metric ton flexitanks  |  950-kg net weight IBC  |  200-kg net weight drums



OLVEA Fish Oils

3 Sites in Fecamp:
• 12.180 tons of storage capacities
• A fish oil winterisation unit
• A lard oil winterisation unit
• One on-site laboratory

OLVEA Green Technologies : OLVEA’s eco-refining green plant

• 2 refining lines with a daily capacity of 100 tons (one for fish oils and one for vegetable oils)
• 93 tanks
• 10.000 tons of storage
• 30.000 tons of annual refining capacity
• 1 research and development laboratory

OLVEA Green technologies

Learn more about OLVEA Green Technologies

OLVEA Atlantic

• 10.300 tons of storage capacities
• A refining unit – 20.000 tons per year
• A winterisation unit – 12.000 tons per year
• A deodorisation unit
• One on-site laboratory

OLVEA Mauritania

• 3.300 tons of storage capacities
• One on-site laboratory

Our Quality: Your security

All along our chain of trust, managing quality is a core element of our business.
The in place quality policy of OLVEA Fish Oils revolves around 4 main themes: customer listening, quality of the supplies, the good manufacturing practices, and organization.

Our policy adheres to an active quality control system that complies with international standards. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our quality system in order to guarantee products with the highest purity and freshness.

Our manufacturing sites follow best practices in terms of health and safety, hygiene, analysis, traceability and food defence. Throughout our manufacturing process, we control the chemical, physical, and microbiological hazards following HACCP methods.

All our products comply with regulatory standards regarding environmental contaminants and are certified free of genetically modified components (GMO).

Our expertise in managing quality has enabled us to acquire international certifications.



Sustainability is one of OLVEA’s 6 core values. Whether it is investing responsibly or engaging with its partners to preserve its environment, OLVEA actively commits to sustainable development, and to offering its clients sustainably-sourced products. OLVEA is committed to preserving the future and understands what is at stake.

In Morocco, OLVEA has been working towards the improvement of the sustainability of its fisheries, supporting the FIP (Fisheries Improvement Project) and with the final objective to obtain the MSC certification. In Mauritania, OLVEA is taking part in a FIP since 2017, in order to improve the monitoring and management regulation of the fishery, to support improvements in enforcement, to evaluate and eliminate the impacts of the fishery on non-target or protected species and on the environment.

As a result of our commitment to responsible sourcing, OLVEA Fish Oils is certified Friend of the Sea (since 2011), IFFO RS Chain of Custody (since 2017), and MSC Chain of Custody (since 2017).

In 2019, OLVEA Fish Oils decided to formalize its approach and actions on sustainability into a comprehensive sustainability policy for fish oils sourcing. This sustainable procurement policy concretizes the formal commitment of the OLVEA and its directors, to sourcing 90% of fish oils from responsible sources by 2022.

OLVEA has been a signatory member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2015 and thus, is committed to integrate and promote principles related to human rights, international labour standards, environment and anti-corruption.

CSR policy

OLVEA’s Corporate Social Responsibility

OLVEA is committed in promoting sustainable development, not only environmentally, but also by adding real social and economic values to the actors of our eco-responsible supply chains.


OLVEA’s management carries out its commitments through its collaborators, whether they concern ethical business, compliance with regulations or responsible procurement.

Local development

OLVEA is committed to being a major and sustainable player in the local development of the regions where the Group operates.


OLVEA is committed to improving its environmental impact through an effective environmental management, from which regular protective and preventive actions result.


Thanks to the daily involvement of its collaborators, OLVEA guarantees to its clients listening, transparency and reactivity.

Economic performance

OLVEA invests continuously and sustainably in order to offer products that always suits the needs of its customers and the market.

Social and working conditions

OLVEA is committed to having happy and fulfilled collaborators, and focuses on working conditions allowing the personal and professional development of everyone.

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