Atlantic Sardine oil

Atlantic sardine is exceptionally rich in EPA and DHA, and for this reason, sardine oil is a reliable alternative to South Pacific anchovy oil. Our Atlantic sardine oil comes from Morocco and Mauritania, which are the largest economic players in African sardine fisheries.

Situated on the North Western African continental plateau, Morocco and Mauritania are bordered in the West by the Atlantic Ocean. These two countries, with more than 4,000 km (2,500 miles) of coastline, are located next to one of the four major upwelling areas in the world. It makes Morocco and Mauritania one of the most prolific fishing zones for both demersal and pelagic species, such as the Atlantic sardine.
Upwelling areas are crucial for life in the ocean; they are among the most important ecosystems on the planet. Upwelling is a unique phenomenon which provides to marine ecosystems an environment extremely rich in nutrients and phytoplankton, the first link in the food chain. Sardines feed on phytoplankton which provides a high level of essential Omega-3 fatty acids: EPA and DHA.


The fishes used in the production of our oils are caught by purse seiners, which have no impact on the seabed.
We make sure that the fish oils we source come from fishes that are sustainably harvested and processed.

Fish oil and fish meal factories process the trimmings which come from the canneries. They also obtain excess captures when onshore production units have reached their maximum capacity. It is only in that case that the fish oil and fish meal factories are allowed to receive and process whole fish.

logo-friend-of-the-seaAs a result of our commitment to sustainable fishing, OLVEA Fish Oils is certified “Friend of the Sea” for the Moroccan sardine oils.

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