COVID-19 update

OLVEA is closely keeping abreast of the evolution of the COVID-19 virus and doing its utmost in order to ensure a full supply continuity for all of its customers. With 90 years of expertise in producing and sourcing multiple vegetable oils throughout the world, OLVEA is ideally positioned to secure its various supply chains in the weeks and months to come.
Additionally, since the very beginning of the epidemy, OLVEA has taken all appropriate prevention and protection measures in strict alignment with governmental recommendations.

Informations an updates regarding COVID-19




OLVEA is a “Target 75 Champion” of the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP)

OLVEA is working with the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), an environmental NGO, to support their work on sustainable fisheries. OLVEA is an SFP “Target 75 Champion, meaning that we have joined the initiative to set the goal of seeing 75% or more of global seafood volumes in key sectors being produced in a sustainable manner, or improving towards sustainability, by 2020. As a “Target 75 Champion”, we are also implementors of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14 “Life below water”, whose objective is to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development.


Certifications GMP+

OLVEA Fish Oils and OLVEA Green Technologies have obtained the GMP+ certifications; the GMP+ B2 certificate for our eco-refinery and the GMP+ B1 certificate for OLVEA Fish Oils.GMP+Did you know?
GMP is an international standard based on HACCP and ISO 9001, used in the field of animal nutrition. GMP certification aims to ensure that compound and other feeds are manufactured and delivered in compliance with HACCP rules. In accordance with the principles of HACCP, all links in the production chain are subject to a hazard analysis.


OLVEA joins forces with IQI to become stronger together


OLVEA joins forces with IQI to become stronger together

OLVEA and IQI announced a new agreement that will see the two companies working together to improve the quality of both their businesses. As a global supplier of premium pet food ingredients, IQI is a household name in the pet food industry, whereas OLVEA is world-renowned for sourcing and refining of natural oils. Together, IQI and OLVEA create a sea of opportunities to the benefit of their global customers. With OLVEA responsible for the sourcing, processing, analyzing and storing of quality fish oil, IQI is dedicated to global pet food marketing, distribution and sales.

As sustainable and high omega 3 fatty acids are becoming increasingly popular ingredients in pet food, the catch is to secure sufficient raw materials to cater to the growing demand. Reliable sourcing of raw materials is crucial, and that’s where OLVEA comes in. With a yearly volume of over 50.000 tons of oils, exported to over 90 countries, OLVEA is a leading fish oil supplier worldwide. Working from a newly-built, state-of-the-art refining plant and storage facility in Normandy, France, and with privately owned modern refinery and storage facilities in northern Africa, the company guarantees a constant supply of high-quality fish oils. Moreover, OLVEA does so in the most sustainable way. With 1,300m² of photovoltaic roof panels, numerous heat exchangers and 3 storage tanks to recover up to 12 million litres of rainwater per year, the recently completed eco-refinery OLVEA Green Technologies, stands testament to OLVEA’s commitment to sustainable development.

Fit the same profile
Operating within a worldwide network, and from warehouse facilities in the Netherlands and the USA, IQI offers a wide range of premium pet food ingredients to leading pet food producers all over the world. This includes the supply of crude and refined fish oils that are of exceptional quality. Dedicated to quality, transparency, sustainability and innovation, IQI stands out as a responsible and forward-thinking organization. And fortunately, OLVEA fits the same profile.

Bundling of powers
The cooperation agreement is new, but IQI and OLVEA go back a long way together. By joining forces, the companies bundle complementary capabilities, whereby IQI will benefit from OLVEA’s excellence in fish oil sourcing and refining, and OLVEA’s fish oils will benefit from access to IQI’s global marketing and sales network.
Building on years of shared experience in the fish oil trade – over two centuries together – IQI and OLVEA make a perfect match, dedicated to deliver excellence from the source to the end-user.

“Our cultures fit together perfectly. When it comes to quality and service orientation, we are on the same page and speak the same language.”
Patrick van der Kleij, CEO – IQI

“It’s a real promising combination. With our focus on process and production, and IQI’s dedication to marketing and sales, we can offer the best possible solutions for our customers.”
Arnauld Daudruy, President – OLVEA Group

Visit IQI’s website


OLVEA celebrates 90 years of experience and know-how!

Mailing - Visuel 1 90 ans

[ #HAPPYBIRTHDAY ] We’re proud to be 90 today! 🎂 The OLVEA adventure started in 1929; back in those days, we were called SIRH, standing for “Société d’Importation et de Raffinage d’Huiles”, a company created in Fécamp on January 24, 1929. The OLVEA Group is now run by the great-grandchildren of the original founder, and still located in Normandy. 📅




Happy New Year 2019!

2019 - Bonne AnnéeThis year, we are celebrating our 90 years of experience and know-how!

All the OLVEA teams wish you a Happy New Year!


World Sight Day


Did you know?

Today is World Sight Day. One of the best ingredients to take care of your retina is the DHA, an  essential Omega 3. Fish Oils are rich in EPA/DHA, so don’t forget to take your fish oil supplements in order to improve your eyesight!


Rapport annuel 2017 : Sustainable Fisheries Partnership


OLVEA Fish Oils est citée dans le rapport annuel 2017 “Sustainable Fisheries Partnership”.

Pour en savoir plus : Rapport annuel SFP


Fishery Improvement Project meeting in Nouakchott, Mauritania


Mid-April was held in Nouakchott, Mauritania, a FIP (Fishery Improvement Project) meeting. OLVEA Fish Oils, strongly involved in this FIP since its launch in August 2017, was present to take part in the discussions.
Significant progress has been made and will soon be available on the platform.


OLVEA Fish Oils in Mauritania

FIP en Mauritanie

OLVEA Fish Oils has been strongly involved in the Mauritanian Fishery Improvement Program (FIP) since its launching in August 2017. This week, Sidahmed Sidha, OLVEA Mauritania’s Operations Manager, and Antoine Dangy, our Sustainable Sourcing Manager, are attending the FIP meeting that is taking places right now in Nouakchott, Mauritania.